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It’s time to Thrive!


A collaborative group for those with great ideas but zero (or minimal) entrepreneur and marketing experience. 


If you have a course, program, business, or passion project but aren’t sure about the What, to Whom, or How of making it real and successful, Thrive was designed with you in mind. 

This group will be on your Top 10 for 2022 if you: 

  • Don’t believe in hustle 

  • Have big dreams

  • Care about helping others

  • Believe in a higher power, God, or a benevolent Universe 

  • Want a systematic approach to growing into a next-gen entrepreneur

  • Want to learn how to do marketing and advertising the heart-focused way

  • Are ready to build a “bulletproof” mindset – the secret sauce of all leaders, influencers, and change-makers


If this isn’t your cup of tea, then no worries, we’re not for you!

Why this collaborative group? 

Over the past year I've worked with many amazing women and men who had great ideas and big dreams. Together we designed some beautiful and powerful business ideas, platforms, and programs. 


As I worked with them, I realized that some clients needed a broader base of support and more focused business coaching than our existing services provided. 


I want all of my clients to be successful, I can envision it, but there are some barriers that get in the way and that need different direction and support. In particular, they need outside feedback from a group of like-minded entrepreneurs and builders. 


Thus, the idea for the Mastermind was born. Unlike other group programs, this is not just about giving you information. I will be teaching and training you (and giving you specific homework) to develop the secret sauce of all Leaders, Influencers, and Entrepreneurs: a bulletproof mindset. I've secretly been coaching my largest client accounts this way for years but, until now, I didn't publicly include it in my services. 


Over the years of working with them we've scaled their companies, increased their prices and profitability, developed new revenue sources, and taught them master sales techniques (not car salesman strategies. Blech!) 







BWW icons 2021 (Presentation) (1)

BWW icons 2021 (Presentation) (1)

Image by UX Indonesia

Image by UX Indonesia

What's included?

  • Weekly meetings with training, roundtable discussion, and Q&A. Every person in the group gets to report on their progress, questions, struggles. Meetings will last 60-90 minutes.

  • Weekly homework assignments, submitted to Wendy 48 hours prior to our meeting for review and feedback.

  • A Voxer group for communications between group members. 

  • At the Facilitator’s discretion: if a group member is getting seriously stuck, Wendy will meet with them privately outside of the group meeting for more focused coaching.

Curriculum Outline:

  • Class & Schedule Preparation

  • Mental Preparation

  • Idea Preparation

  • Clarity

  • Business Model Design 

  • Branding

  • Core Message & Service or Product Design

Sounds like a good fit? Reach out!