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Begins October 2022

It’s time to Thrive!


A collaborative group for those with great ideas but zero (or minimal) entrepreneur and marketing experience. 


If you have a course, program, business, or passion project but aren’t sure about the What, to Whom, or How of making it real and successful, Thrive was designed with you in mind. 

This group will be on your Top 10 for 2023 if you: 

  • Don’t believe in hustle 

  • Have big dreams

  • Care about helping others

  • Believe in a higher power, God, or a benevolent Universe 

  • Want a systematic approach to growing into a next-gen entrepreneur

  • Want to learn how to do marketing and advertising the heart-focused way

  • Are ready to build a “bulletproof” mindset – the secret sauce of all leaders, influencers, and change-makers


If this isn’t your cup of tea, then no worries, we’re not for you!

Who's it for?

  • New authors

  • Hobbyists that want to build bigger

  • Side-hustlers

  • Those with a mission or a message 

  • Best for service or information business ideas, though product companies will benefit too. 

Why this collaborative group? 

Over the past year I've worked with many amazing women and men who had great ideas and big dreams. Together we designed some beautiful and powerful business ideas, platforms, and programs. 


As I worked with them, I realized that some clients needed a broader base of support and more focused business coaching than our existing services provided. 


I want all of my clients to be successful, I can envision it, but there are some barriers that get in the way and that need different direction and support. In particular, they need outside feedback from a group of like-minded entrepreneurs and builders. 


Thus, the idea for the Collaborative was born. Unlike other group programs, this is not just about giving you information. I will be teaching and training you (and giving you specific homework) to develop the secret sauce of all Leaders, Influencers, and Entrepreneurs: a bulletproof mindset. I've secretly been coaching my largest client accounts this way for years but, until now, I didn't publicly include it in my services. 


Over the years of working with them we've scaled their companies, increased their prices and profitability, developed new revenue sources, and taught them master sales techniques (not car salesman strategies. Blech!) 







BWW icons 2021 (Presentation) (1)

BWW icons 2021 (Presentation) (1)

Image by UX Indonesia

Image by UX Indonesia

  • Identify your niche and target market.

  • Develop a Core Message that attracts the attention of your target audience.

  • Design a business model that fits your strengths and minimizes your weak areas.

  • Map out your time and schedule so new, additional time-demands become sustainable and profitable.

  • Learn how to successfully sell with ease and grace, no sleaze!

  • Start marketing and advertising your ideas/services to your target customers.

  • Learn and implement the Bulletproof Mindset that is the secret sauce of all successful business builders, influencers, and leaders.

  • Elevate YOURSELF mentally so you can elevate your brand and ideas!

Core Goals

What's included?

  • Course Curriculum is online, available 24/7. Learn on your schedule and then bring your questions and experiences about implementation to the group meetings.

  • Weekly one-hour meetings with training, roundtable discussion, and Q&A. Every person in the group gets to report on their progress, questions, or struggles and get feedback and support from Wendy and the group.

Curriculum Outline:


  • How to find the extra hours you need in your schedule to start something new.

  • Setting up your daily, weekly, and monthly schedules so that you achieve your goals.

  • How to prioritize tasks, get the help you need, and find the easier path to success. 

  • Identifying your "Avoidance Patterns"

WEEK 2: "It's all in your head" Part 1

  • Understand how your mind works.

  • How to use this knowledge to do something daring and create something unbelievable!

  • Learn how to refocus your mental power to get things done faster and easier!

WEEK 3: "It's all in your head" Part 2

  • Why we feel fear when we dare to dream

  • How to think when you're afraid 

  • 8 universal thinking tools to help you build something brand new

  • How to identify the best ideas, best solutions, and best partners for your business. 

  • Why competition is the wrong way to view market research for your idea/business.


  • The equation that will change the way you see yourself and your audience & customers

  • Finding your niche

  • Guest Expert on Clarity: getting clear on what you offer the world


  • Your audience is not a piggy bank!

  • How to communicate with your audience and customers in a way that's genuine and honest.

  • How to use storytelling to build Know-Like-Trust so your audience can't wait to become customers.


  • How do you deliver results for your customers? 

  • Identify your secret sauce: your unique solution to their problem

  • How to structure your offers to increase your revenue while decreasing your marketing budget.

  • How to know when it's time to build a course. Hint: don't build it first.

  • 3 pieces that the BEST courses all include.


  • The problem with selling & the secret to success 

  • My process for selling without effort and trusting my audience. (It yields 90%+ sales)

  • How to use the 8 thinking tools to be a top leader and influencer.



  • Figure out your unique marketing style. Stop copying someone else's. 

  • Use your marketing style to determine your optimal business structure - the best model for you!

  • How to grow organically.

  • How to know when it's time to outsource. 

Next Steps:

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