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Level 2 Services

Strategy & Operations

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First things first. 
Which strategy package will work for
you and your business?

I need high-level consulting help but want to implement myself.

Builder DIY

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I need strategy AND an expert team to help me implement.
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Builder + 
Team Support 

I am a profitable business owner. I have been in business for over 18 months or have hired team members.
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Details of each package are listed below:

Business Builder DIY

3 month minimum

We recommend 2 rounds for optimum growth and momentum.


  • Weekly 30 minute planning and strategy meeting

  • Weekly accountability and mentoring

  • Business Mindset Coaching, 

  • Defining your Avatar sessions, 

  • Map out the best business model for your personality & strengths sessions, 

  • Quarterly planning, 

  • Collaboration & Feedback, 

  • Homework with accountability


Business Builder + Team Support

$2250 or $750/month for 3 months

We recommend 2 rounds for optimum growth and momentum.

Included (as time & effort allow)

  • Weekly 30 minute planning and strategy meeting

  • Weekly accountability and mentoring

  • Working meetings scheduled as needed to complete items

  • Backend System Setup - streamline business operations with automated tech! So your company runs 24/7, without you running 24/7. 

  • Graphic Design pieces to match existing branding (Full rebranding packages available for an additional fee)

  • Marketing Collateral - Social media templates, Email marketing templates (Customized marketing collateral available for an additional fee)

  • Starter Promotion Strategy, Design, & Systems - Challenges, freemiums, ebooks, giveaways 

  • Starter Value Ladder Development

  • Course Development & Optimal Learning Strategy

  • Luxe Brand Elements: so every interaction you have with your customer looks and feels like “You." From the favicon in the web-browser, the logo on the invoices and contracts, to the “merchant name” showing up on their credit card or bank statements — it ALL builds confidence in your professionalism and integrity. 

  • Logo Design (optional add-on for additional fee)

IMPORTANT: All Included items are dependent on the client’s time and bandwidth. We implement as quickly or as methodically as our clients. We PACE ourselves to match your speed because we know it’s not about the destination, but who YOU ARE when you arrive. You will grow on this Business Building journey into the leader and boss that can scale your company.

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Fractional Director of Operations and Brand Strategy

We help business owners make decisions about how, where, and when to expand their business, who to collaborate with, what promotions to run, and which services or programs to offer. ​Then we get to work building out and implementing the plan.


We work seamlessly with existing team members, freeing them to fill the roles they excel in, instead of “wearing all the hats!” Our track record working with teams is phenomenal because we set people up for success, true accountability, and long-term growth. Subcontractors have voluntarily mentioned the positive working environment and collaborative team dynamic we create for all members. 

Packages are customizable according to the company’s needs and size.

Click the button below for our detailed information sheet. 

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