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Sunset Hill Farm, LLC

I contacted Wendy to help me scale down the family business I started 15 years ago so I could concentrate in a new direction. I have primarily run things by myself: marketing, emails, phone calls, accounting, pretty much everything. She helped me see how my family members could step in and offered to help train them in each of the roles that I have been doing. She helped me see that it was possible. It was a different direction than I had been thinking and as soon as she voiced this idea, I knew it was right.

Over time, my kids have grown and are perfectly capable of doing many of these responsibilities, but I have not let go of the reins, so to speak, or required them to learn these skills, even though they get paid. Since Mom always does it, I met resistance whenever I suggested they learn. I just kept on rather than upset the apple cart, so to speak.

Wendy's involvement in the family business created not only peace of mind for me, but a business model that the kids can move forward in while I take a different tack.

Most important, though, is the change in my own head. I had not wanted to confront the kids on not taking responsibility for the business and was prepared to let go of everything I had built over the last 15 years. I found (with Wendy's help) I could approach them as being equal to the tasks and ask if they were willing to take them on. The new mindset is wonderful!

It has been an amazing and surprising experience! Everything has turned out so much better than what I planned!

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